Mike - 24 - BW- right wide

I admit to having enjoyed an exciting yet challenging journey.

From humble beginnings growing up in the suburbs in Kenya, I dared to chase my DREAMS.

I started professional life as a graphic designer, was employed for a couple of decades, and slowly rose to the top.

While working I found time to pursue my childhood PASSION for cars and became a writer. My weekly column grew quite popular and soon I was receiving invitations to test drive amazing vehicles at exotic destinations.

After resigning from my job of 18 years, I set up a graphic design business. I also invested time to work through an international franchise to train SME's how to attract more business through referral marketing.

A few years later I reconnected with a protégé and together we hosted East Africa’s first weekly motoring show. It was an exciting and rewarding time!

More recently I invested in a global franchise that organizes niche events for luxury brands in the region.

I dedicate this website to DRIVEN individuals looking to BREAK FREE and THRIVE.

It is time to let the world know about you, using our amazing program that has been tried and tested for over 10 years.